Amazon: 1000 m2 of rainforest

$ 1.000

But we go the extra mile: together with our natives rangers, we create involvement and awareness among the local population. Our ultimate goal is to protect 2,000 hectares of rainforest in the Amazon Colombia


When you adopt a square meter of rainforest, the Neotropic Foundation will give you:

A unique donation certificate with the exact coordinates of your square meter, visible via Google Earth.
Access to available information in the area that you are helping to protect.
The freedom to visit the area (depending on the load capacity of the space).

By adopting a square meter of rainforest, you are acting as a Guardian of the Planet:

You are helping to conserve biodiversity.
You are supporting the communities that live near the conservation zones.
You are playing an important role in the the creation of local jobs and the support of rainforest rangers.


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