Our Impact: Projects by the Neotropic Foundation
The Neotropic Foundation has undertaken numerous projects over the years, benefiting the local community, animals, and the environment.


Improving Conditions for Exotic Animals

Enhancing Zoo Animal Welfare: We led a campaign to improve the treatment and conditions of animals in Colombian zoos. This effort resulted in the closure of the Pereira Zoo, with the animals being relocated to the Ukumarí Biopark, where they now enjoy larger and more natural spaces.

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Saving Zimbabwe, Colombia’s First Captive-Born Elephant: Our foundation played a crucial role in preventing the sale of Zimbabwe, the first elephant born in captivity in Colombia, for circus performances. Today, Zimbabwe is well cared for at Hacienda Nápoles and is on the path to starting a family.


Banning Animals in Circuses: In collaboration with other organizations, we successfully worked towards banning the use of animals in circus performances across Colombia.

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Through these initiatives, the Neotropic Foundation continues to make significant strides in animal welfare and environmental conservation, creating a lasting impact on our community and beyond.

Banning Bull fighting 

The Neotropic Foundation contributed to the national conversation about animal rights and the ethical implications of bullfighting.

This sustained advocacy helped build the momentum necessary for legislative change. In May 2024, the Colombian Congress passed a bill banning bullfighting across the country, marking a historic victory for animal rights activists and environmentalists alike.

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Supporting rural communities 

Rural communities often rely on the use of horses for transport and aid in manual labor. Sometimes horses are mistreated, overworked or are not provided with proper care when they get injured or sick. Horses are essential to support the livelihoods of those in rural communities and often there is no alternative. We wanted to help the local workers and provide better care for the horses. Our organization provided small trucks to laborers so they could continue their day-to-day operations more effectively and we took in various horses, cared for them, and provided them space to roam around freely. 



Our foundation members visit schools in rural communities to educate children on the importance of caring for our planet and protecting the environment. We also conduct workshops and classes, teaching them how to grow fruits and vegetables as we create allotments on the school grounds.  The foundation also supports building the plumbing for schools to be able to utilize rainwater.

The farm 

The foundation operates a farm in the Andes rainforest region where we have an array of animals from ducks, geese, chickens, goats, pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs, and guinea pigs. Most of these animals have been brought to us as they had either been abandoned or were sick. We care for them giving them plenty of space to roam around and nurture those who were brought sick back to health. These animals are cared for and are not sold for human consumption. 

Additionally, we cultivate herbs and plants on the farm in order to study their medical properties. 


The Andes rainforest, rich in biodiversity, is home to a vast array of plant and animal life. However, Colombia faces one of the highest deforestation rates in the world. In response, we launched the “Adopt a Square Meter of Rainforest” program, inviting companies, organizations, and individuals globally to join us in protecting these vital forests.

By adopting a square meter of rainforest, you help ensure its conservation and protection. Currently, a major threat in this region is posed by a multinational paper manufacturer that is clearing the rainforest to plant non-native eucalyptus trees. This practice devastates animal habitats, destroys local plant species, and hinders future growth.

We are committed to fighting this destruction, and your donations will play a crucial role in preserving the rainforest for future generations.

Learn more about deforestation in Colombia and its causes 

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