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You can adopt from one square meter of forest in the Amazon for just one dollar.
It is a one-time payment for life.

What can you do?

When you adopt a square meter of rainforest, the Neotropic Foundation will give you: 

  • A unique donation certificate with the exact coordinates of your square meter, visible via Google Earth.
  • Access to available information in the area that you are helping to protect.
  • The freedom to visit the area (depending on the load capacity of the space).

By adopting a square meter of rainforest, you are acting as a Guardian of the Planet

What is the importance of conservation?

Forests serve as mitigating factors for strong solar radiation and are key elements in mitigating climate change due to their role as carbon sinks. They also constitute a basis for socio-economic development, especially in the case of hydrological services. Our forests do invaluable things for us. In addition to producing oxygen and storing carbon dioxide, they also function as water reserves, protect us from floods, and prevent erosion. Despite their crucial role, the growing pressure exerted by society and the agro-industrial sector are is turning them into increasingly vulnerable ecosystems. Everyone can contribute to the mitigation of this trend and, in doing so, contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and rainforests by supporting our program, “Adopt a Square Meter of Rainforest”.

What is “Adopt a Square Meter of Rainforest?”

“Adopt a Square Meter of Rainforest”  is an environmental program created by the Neotropic Foundation with the aim of generating public interest in the conservation and recovery of Colombian rainforest areas. Anyone can adopt one (1) square meter of land for just one Dollar or Euro (1U$ – €1). It is a one-time payment. There is no limit on how many meters a person can adopt.* (needs footnote/clarification)


Adopt a rainforest for someone else…

In loving memory: Give an absent loved one an entire forest. Donate a square meter and the life that lives in it will perpetuate the memory of your loved one.

An unconventional and meaningful gift: Every year, we are used to giving our loved ones conventional, traditional, and often expensive gifts that inevitably fade with time. When you adopt a rainforest for someone else, you are not only giving a wonderful gift, but you are also contributing in a meaningful way to environmental protection and conservation. Your donation will support life and the future of the planet in a way that no conventional gift can.

A sustainable commitment to your work team: Begin forging habits of responsibility and environmental awareness in your team of collaborators and clients and avoid giving traditional gifts, which unfortunately in some cases end up in the trash. Adopt a rainforest  in their names and enjoy the priceless gratification of committing yourself to the well-being of planet Earth.



Forest Conservation

Colombian Andes

The Andean region is one of the six natural regions of Colombia. It is located in the center of the country, bordering the Caribbean region to the north, Venezuela to the northeast, the Orinoquía to the east, the Amazon to the southeast, Ecuador to the south and the Pacific region to the west.


This Amazon rainforest is the largest tropical rainforest in the world. It is considered that its extension reaches 7,000,000 km². The Amazon stands out for being one of the ecoregions with the greatest biodiversity on the planet. In addition, the Amazon supports the regulation of the carbon cycle and climate change.

On November 11, 2011, the Amazon rainforest was declared one of the seven natural wonders of the world.


Chocó Jungle

The climate of the Chocó jungle is one of the rainiest in the world. The high rainfall, the tropical condition and its isolation (separation of the Amazon basin by the Andes Mountains) have contributed to make the Chocó biogeographic region one of the most diverse on the planet with: 9,000 species of vascular plants, 200 species of mammals, 600 species of birds, 100 species of reptiles, 120 species of amphibians. There is a high level of endemism: approximately 25% of plant and animal species being native to the Chocó jungle.

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